Pumpkin Fritters with caramel sauce
Green beans with potato and onions (traditional)
Chilli beans with whole peel tomato, garlic, chillies and olive oil
Honey Butternut
Caramel Butternut
Sweet baby carrots
Roasted chunky veggies with 5-7 veggies
Cream spinach
Cauliflower Cheese bake
Brocolli bake with 3 cheese sauce and cheese crumb topping
Baby peas
Gem squash with sweetcorn and cheese topping
Corn on cob with parmason and chillie
Brussel sprouts with peper sauce

Potato salad with onions, egg, potatoes, mayonaise and mustard
Greek salad
Curry pasta salad
Carrot salad
Beetroot salad
Beetroot and feta salad with fresh basil
Strawberry and mint salad
Corn salad, with egg, corn and mayonaise
Mango and avo salad (in season) with yellow peaches
Litchi salad with yogurt
Rice salad, peppers, corn, peas and mayonaise
Brocolli salad with nuts, yogurt and coconut milk

Baby potatoes in spit
Baby potatoes, onions and mushrooms
Baby potatoes in rosemary and butter
Potato bake with cheese and bacon
Potato wedges in barbeque
Potato in tomato and mozzarella cheese
Plain Rice
Spiced rice
Mielie pap
Pap bake with tomato, onion and cheese
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