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Name and Suname

A quote is set up between the company and the client and is only on invoice excepted.
1. 50% DEP after invoice is issued
1.1 Private functions - Balance and final
figures not later than 8 days prior to
functions. Take note : If we quoted for
50 guests and final is 30 guest your
quote will increase, we quote according
to size.
1.2 Weddings - Balance and final figures
not later than 30 days prior to date
of function. Take note : If we quoted
50 and decrease with more than 10
guest final invoice will increase as per
1.3 Payment Agreement - as per 1.1 and
1.2 and will be agreed upon to provide
assistance to client.

All payments must be made promptly as per agreement. Should the client have any questions or references the office will provide from previous clients, which we have permission to do so.

Our staff are not to assist with any scope they are not employed.
1. Serving staff will only assist with serving
2. Waiters are only permitted to do scope
of employment. Ask for quote should
you need service. Terms and conditions
will apply.
All staff are being paid on a hourly rate and therefor on final invoice times are agreed upon and will only be changed at a cost for the client.
Beverages for the above staff is for the account of the client for more than two hours services, please check quote.

Rental of cutlery is available at a cost, ask for a quote.

Signed at _____________ on _______

PLEASE NOTE: This agreement is only applicable if we are rending one or more services as above
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