We offer a range of meats for a perfect function.

Spitbraai :

Whole lamb with our own marinate
Lamb, Pork and Beef Roast with a sauce married to each meat, range of our own spicy sauces

Lamb Shanks roasted in oven with glazed baby veggies

Oxtail roasted in slow oven with baby veggies, soft and juicy

Beef fillet with a creamy pepper sauce plated with a bed of smooth mash, glazed veggies, cheese buttermilk bread on the side

Chicken fillets, with mushrooms, creamy mozzarella cheese crumb coating

Chicken Barbeque/Lemon & herbs/Traditionals

Baby chickens on abed of flavoured rice and baby potatoes

Curry chicken very traditional and spicy

Lamb rack charch on fire

Traditional braai includes 3 meats

Lamb or beef potjie with 5-7 veggies